This site is the product of my interest in the Konica AR SLR System and in its manufacturer, Konishiroku. It is a vast subject and detailed sources are few in the West. Most authoritative sources are in Japanese and this makes using them difficult for someone like me who doesn't know that language. When possible, I have consulted individuals who were directly involved in the distribution of Konica equipment in the USA and in Europe in the 1970s and 1980s. But as this was nearly 50 years ago, many of them are no longer alive.

Given the above, I can’t make any claims or give guarantees of accuracy or exhaustiveness even if I have gone to great lengths to ensure that the information presented here is correct. At the same time, while I sought the advice of persons more knowledgeable than myself when confronted with obscure or controversial questions, the site's content reflects my own opinions and I alone am responsible for any mistakes or omissions. Please feel free to email me if you see any - I will be glad to correct them.

Konica advertising from the late 1960s. (K)

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And lastly, if on a somewhat lighter note, I feel bound to reassure, or disappoint, as the case may be, the restless souls bent on seeking dark or covert motives in all quarters that I did not receive a penny for building this site from anyone, really. Other than a sentimental attachment for the Konica SLR system, I have no ties to its maker or to any other institution mentioned here and, sadly, no all-expenses-paid vacation at Club Med awaits me. I built this site to sing the praises, so to speak, of an increasingly forgotten SLR system that I like very much and doing so wasa fun project. It is meant solely as a service to the community of amateur photographers.

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