Comparative table

The specifications shown in the table below have been gleaned from over a hundred Konica lens and camera brochures, technical data sheets, dealer bulletins, instruction manuals and books published between 1965 and 1985 (a list of them can be found in Section 8). The table lists all the 95 lenses of the Konica AR System manufactured between 1965 and 1988, in keeping with the division into basic lens types described in the introduction to this section. The lenses are listed according to their largest aperture. When two lenses of a given focal length have the same largest aperture, they are listed in chronological order of introduction.

With the latest update (August 2022) in the main section I added a column showing the focus throw of each Hexanon lens (to the nearest 5°); and a column indicating the types of coatings a given lens has. These are: the single coatings (amber or gray) that were used until Konica introduced its Color Dynamic Coating technology (violet or purple) sometime in 1968. The best Konica coatings were to be found on the UC (ultra-coating) lenses which Konica introduced in the spring of 1975 (green or navy blue). Konica also applied these same coatings to the 2x Teleconverter.

I also added a new section with two columns showing information from the Hexanon lens database which I compiled between 2009 and 2022 (for more on this database, see Section 5). The first of these two columns presents the estimated production span of each lens. The production spans for lenses that have a production code can usually be estimated to the nearest quarter, and often to the nearest month for lenses that appear in the database in great numbers. The production span of lenses without a production code had to be estimated using the literature mentioned above with some help from advertising in photo magazines. The second column gives the size of the database sample on the basis of which I estimated the production span.

Latest update: 15 August 2022