4. Accessories

With a few exceptions, accessories for the Konica SLR system are getting quite rare, in contrast to Konica SLRs and the majority of Hexanon lenses. Fortunately, it is also possible to use a number of third-party accessories. It is sometimes easier to do so, as in the case of flashes, whose Konica line is rather modest. At times, a third-party accessory offers features that the corresponding Konica accessory lacks. For example, Konica never made extension tubes with the necessary linkages to allow automatic exposure.

This section contains the main Konica accessories arranged in four groups. I have omitted accessories such as lens and body caps, camera and lens cases, or obsolete accessories like the flash cube. All photos in this section come from Konica literature such as promotional brochures and instruction manuals for various SLR models (K).