Basic data visualization

This page provides an overview of all the wide-angle, standard, telephoto and zoom lenses which appear in the Hexanon database. Those 4 basic lens groups are presented in 4 different tables, and the place of each individual lens in the table is determined not only by what specific Hexanon lens it is, but also by its version or type. In each table the far-right column shows the number of each specific Hexanon lens in the database, while the line at the bottom shows the number of lenses of a given version or type, irrespective of what specific Hexanon lens it is. Those four tables are followed by a fifth, giving a summary of the 4 basic lens groups.

In the column headings, a black background indicates lenses with a production code. Hence C-type and D-type lenses, which exist with and without production codes, have been assigned two columns each. The colors assigned to each lens
version or type are those in use throughout this site.

For a detailed description of various lens versions and types, see '
Versions and types' in Section 3. For the technical parameters of specific Hexanon lenses, see '
Comparative table', also in Section 3.