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This section lists sites, most of which are in English, that I found interesting or useful. Please note that, with the exception of my interest in photography and the Konica SLR system, I have no ties of any sort with their owners.

Please fell free to contact me if any of the links are dead or corrupted, or should you wish to suggest a link to any other pertinent site.

1.¬ K/AR bodies and lenses

‚€“ Urs Brunner's Konica Collector Pages: Swiss site containing a great quantity of information about Konica SLRs and Hexanon lenses. The site also has instruction manuals for Konica F-series SLRs and very interesting scans of Konica advertisements from the 1960s and 1970s.

‚€“ Andreas Buhl‚€™s Konica Pages: The web‚€™s most comprehensive site dedicated to the Konica SLR system. The site is virtually encyclopedic in scope and contains descriptions, instruction manuals and detailed technical data that is updated on a regular basis. The site is the bible of all Konicaphiles.

‚€“ Matt Denton's Classic Cameras: Site maintained by a professional photographer who likes to tinker. It has technical data and repair advice on a wider range of cameras, including the Konica Autoreflex T2, Autoreflex T3 and Autoreflex TC. Nice photos.

‚€“ Stephen Gandy, the owner of this gigantic traditional photography site, has written an article on the Konica Auto-Reflex. Very nice photos of the camera.

‚€“ DenisGraham, also known as Cybernet Denis, is the owner of this site. It contains a lot of information about the entire Konica SLR system - cameras, lenses and accessories (through the Internet Archive).

‚€“ Alan Myers, a professional photographer based in San Jose, California and probably the most prolific contributor to the KonicaSLR discussion list on Yahoo, has built a very interesting site with a page dedicated to Konica cameras and to Hexanon lenses (through the Internet Archive).

‚€“ Dante Stella, a renowned photographer and critic talks of the respective pros and cons of two Konica cameras in an article entitled ‚€œKonica Autoreflex T4 and FC-1‚€Ě.

‚€“ Wulff Photography & Design: Henning J. Wulff has been a professional photographer for over 40 years. His site gives an overview of his experience with Konica equipment.

‚€“ Camera Site Homepage: Reijo Lauro‚€™s site is the showcase for his extensive collection of cameras of all types. The collection includes the Konica Auto-Reflex, Autoreflex T (2) and Autoreflex T3 SLRs.

‚€“ Personal web pages of Mikko Nissi: This site owned by an amateur photographer contains an article on the Konica TC, the T4 and the FS-1.

‚€“ Silvergrain: Ryuji Suzuki‚€™s site contains an article on the light metering and exposure system present in the Konica Autoreflex T, T1 and T2 cameras; one on the history of Copal Square shutters used in Konica‚€™s SLRs as well as historical overview of Konica‚€™s history (through the Internet Archive).

‚€“ Other Martin Taylor's cameras: Site containing a review of the FT-1 Motor.

‚€“ Paul Trunfio's Photography Pages: This site contains an overview of the Konica Autoreflex TC and an interesting article on the author‚€™s beginnings in photography with a Konica camera. The site has much good advice for beginner photographers.

‚€“ Manuel Portillo has built a site describing the Konica Autoreflex T3, the Autoreflex T4, and a number of Hexanon lenses.

‚€“ Candido Scocco has built a guide to photo users containing technical information oon the Konica Autoreflex TC, Autoreflex T4, FS-1, and FC-1 SLRs and their original prices.

2.¬ Other Konica Cameras

‚€“ Urs Brunner's Konica Collector Pages: Site that contains information on the Konica F-series SLRs and instruction manuals for those cameras.

‚€“ Dante Stella¬ also has a very informative write-up on the Konica III (III, IIIA and IIIM) rangefinders.

‚€“ Rangefinderforum: a vast site dedicated to rangefinder photography, has a long discussion about the Konica III and the Konica Auto S2.

‚€“ Matt Denton provides practical information on the use of the Konica Auto S2.

‚€“ Stephen Gandy has probably written the web‚€™s most detailed description of the Konica Auto S3.

‚€“ 35mm-compact is a French site on which Lionel discusses the Konica Auto S3.

‚€“ Scott Young gives a detailed technical description of the small C35 series of rangefinders.

‚€“ Photo.net, a large photo discussion forum, contains a discussion of the Konica C35 AF. See also the write up on Sylvain Halgand's site.

‚€“ The best analysis of the Konica Hexar RF is to be found on Dante Stella's site. Stephen Gandy also devoted an interesting commentary to it.

‚€“ The site of Saito Yoshihiko contains elementary information in Japanese on the Koniflex as well as very nice photos of this camera (access through the Internet Archives).

‚€“ Peter Lanczak's extensive site is devoted to the Koni-Omega series of medium format cameras.¬

‚€“ Robert Monaghan's site, dedicated to medium format photography, also has a discussion of the Koni-Omega here (access through the Internet Archives).

‚€“ See also Russell Hamilton's article on the Koni-Omega.

3.¬ Technical questions

‚€“ Mike Butkus manages a gigantic site with instruction manuals for hundreds of traditional SLRs, including most of the Konica SLR range.

‚€“ Weber Camera: Greg Weber is Mr Fix-it extraordinaire for anything with the Konica name on it and a real institution in the Konica community.

‚€“ Cameraleather: supplier of leather camera body coverings.

‚€“ Jim Dainis is an engineer with an interest in photography. His site has an article on SLR automation history written by C.G. Mullin (link accessible through the Internet Archive).

‚€“ Favorite Classics is a site devoted to the maintenance, repair and restoration of traditional cameras. It is also a good source of instruction manuals.

‚€“ La collection d‚€™appareils photos anciens de Sylvain Hagland: One of the few French-language sites devoted to old still cameras. Very extensive.

‚€“ Rick Oleson is an amateur photographer and avid tinkerer who has drawn hundreds of sketches illustrating his numerous tear downs of cameras of all types. Included is a disassembly and repair of an Autoreflex TC as well as an ingenious solution for the mercury battery problem on the Autoreflex cameras.

‚€“ Mick Feuerbacher provides a step-by-step follow through for the repair of a Konica Auto S3 shutter and shutter release mechanism.

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