This section lists sites, most of which are in English, that I found interesting or useful. Please note that, with the exception of my interest in photography and the Konica SLR system, I have no ties of any sort with their owners.

Please fell free to contact me if any of the links are dead or corrupted, or should you wish to suggest a link to any other pertinent site.

1. K/AR bodies and lenses

Urs Brunner's Konica Collector Pages: Swiss site containing a great quantity of information about Konica SLRs and Hexanon lenses. The site also has instruction manuals for Konica F-series SLRs and very interesting scans of Konica advertisements from the 1960s and 1970s.

Andreas Buhl's Konica Pages: The web's most comprehensive site dedicated to the Konica SLR system. The site is virtually encyclopedic in scope and contains descriptions, instruction manuals and detailed technical data that is updated on a regular basis. The site is the bible of all Konicaphiles.

Matt Denton's Classic Cameras: Site maintained by a professional photographer who likes to tinker. It has technical data and repair advice on a wider range of cameras, including the Konica Autoreflex T2, Autoreflex T3 and Autoreflex TC. Nice photos.

Stephen Gandy, the owner of this gigantic traditional photography site, has written an article on the Konica Auto-Reflex. Very nice photos of the camera.

DenisGraham, also known as Cybernet Denis, is the owner of this site. It contains a lot of information about the entire Konica SLR system - cameras, lenses and accessories (through the Internet Archive).

Alan Myers, a professional photographer based in San Jose, California and probably the most prolific contributor to the KonicaSLR discussion list on Yahoo, has built a very interesting site with a page dedicated to Konica cameras and to Hexanon lenses (through the Internet Archive).

Dante Stella, a renowned photographer and critic talks of the respective pros and cons of two Konica cameras in an article entitled "Konica Autoreflex T4 and FC-1"

Wulff Photography & Design: Henning J. Wulff has been a professional photographer for over 40 years. His site gives an overview of his experience with Konica equipment.

Camera Site Homepage: Reijo Lauro's site is the showcase for his extensive collection of cameras of all types. The collection includes the Konica Auto-Reflex, Autoreflex T (2) and Autoreflex T3 SLRs.

Personal web pages of Mikko Nissi: This site owned by an amateur photographer contains an article on the Konica TC, the T4 and the FS-1.

Silvergrain: Ryuji Suzuki's site contains an article on the light metering and exposure system present in the Konica Autoreflex T, T1 and T2 cameras; one on the history of Copal Square shutters used in Konica's SLRs as well as historical overview of Konica's history (through the Internet Archive).

Other Martin Taylor's cameras: Site containing a review of the FT-1 Motor.

Paul Trunfio's Photography Pages: This site contains an overview of the Konica Autoreflex TC and an interesting article on the author's beginnings in photography with a Konica camera. The site has much good advice for beginner photographers.

Manuel Portillo has built a site describing the Konica Autoreflex T3, the Autoreflex T4, and a number of Hexanon lenses.

Candido Scocco has built a guide to photo users containing technical information oon the Konica Autoreflex TC, Autoreflex T4, FS-1, and FC-1 SLRs and their original prices.

2. Other Konica Cameras

Urs Brunner's Konica Collector Pages: Site that contains information on the Konica F-series SLRs and instruction manuals for those cameras.

Dante Stellaalso has a very informative write-up on the Konica III (III, IIIA and IIIM) rangefinders.

Rangefinderforum: a vast site dedicated to rangefinder photography, has a long discussion about the Konica III and the Konica Auto S2.

Matt Denton provides practical information on the use of the Konica Auto S2.

Stephen Gandy has probably written the web's most detailed description of the Konica Auto S3.

35mm-compact is a French site on which Lionel discusses the Konica Auto S3.

Scott Young gives a detailed technical description of the small C35 series of rangefinders., a large photo discussion forum, contains a discussion of the Konica C35 AF. See also the write up on Sylvain Halgand's site.

The best analysis of the Konica Hexar RF is to be found on Dante Stella's site. Stephen Gandy also devoted an interesting commentary to it.

The site of Saito Yoshihiko contains elementary information in Japanese on the Koniflex as well as very nice photos of this camera (access through the Internet Archives).

Peter Lanczak's extensive site is devoted to the Koni-Omega series of medium format cameras.

Robert Monaghan's site, dedicated to medium format photography, also has a discussion of the Koni-Omega here (access through the Internet Archives).

See also Russell Hamilton's article on the Koni-Omega.

3. Technical questions

Mike Butkus manages a gigantic site with instruction manuals for hundreds of traditional SLRs, including most of the Konica SLR range.

Weber Camera: Greg Weber is Mr Fix-it extraordinaire for anything with the Konica name on it and a real institution in the Konica community.

Cameraleather: supplier of leather camera body coverings.

Jim Dainis is an engineer with an interest in photography. His site has an article on SLR automation history written by C.G. Mullin (link accessible through the Internet Archive).

Favorite Classics is a site devoted to the maintenance, repair and restoration of traditional cameras. It is also a good source of instruction manuals.

La collection d'appareils photos anciens de Sylvain Hagland: One of the few French-language sites devoted to old still cameras. Very extensive.

Rick Oleson is an amateur photographer and avid tinkerer who has drawn hundreds of sketches illustrating his numerous tear downs of cameras of all types. Included is a disassembly and repair of an Autoreflex TC as well as an ingenious solution for the mercury battery problem on the Autoreflex cameras.

Mick Feuerbacher provides a step-by-step follow through for the repair of a Konica Auto S3 shutter and shutter release mechanism.