Autoreflex T2 (1970)

With the Autoreflex T2, Konica introduced what is, in fact, an improved version of the Autoreflex T. Although the name on the camera body remained Autoreflex T, Konica itself referred to this improved version in its internal documentation as the ‘Autoreflex T2’ and the Konica users' community has on the whole followed suit. The modifications which Konica brought to this body are, for the most part, remedies for the shortcomings of the Autoreflex T and it is most likely for this reason that Konica saw no need to change the camera’s name. The differences between the two versions are so slight, that the two are often mistaken for one another.

In remedying the drawbacks of the Autoreflex T, Konica moved the meter switch - awkwardly located next to the eyepiece on the back of the Autoreflex T - to the base of the Autoreflex T2’s shutter release button, where it also acts as a shutter release lock; the battery tester - incorporated into the meter switch on the Autoreflex T - was moved to the base plate on the Autoreflex T2; the Autoreflex T’s override button at the base of the shutter speed dial was discarded. The collar around the shutter-release button of the Autoreflex T2, the override button at the base of the shutter speed dial and the meter switch to the left of the viewfinder on the Autoreflex T are the most visible differences between the two versions. A less obvious difference is the single row of splines on the outer edge of the Autoreflex T’s shutter speed dial vs a double row on the Autoreflex T2.

Certain internal improvements in the camera’s functions were introduced as well. They include the Autoreflex T2’s shutter release button, whose travel was further shortened and whose operation made smoother; a shutter-speed display was incorporated into the viewfinder; and the metering system was made more accurate and dependable. The occasional mechanical hitches with film advance and the shutter release mechanisms present in the Autoreflex T were also corrected in the Autoreflex T2, making it a more dependable camera than its predecessor. The Autoreflex T2 is arguably the toughest, most durable and most dependable of all Konica SLRs. That and the commercial success of the Autoreflex T2 did much to consolidate Konica’s reputation as a reputable maker of SLRs.


“The Konica Autoreflex had one of the best records in the repair department among all the cameras we’ve surveyed”

Norman Goldberg


Even in our day, this camera remains in frequent use and is one of the most commonly found Konica SLR bodies. There are several on the world’s major auction sites at any time and it can be purchased quite cheaply. This model was offered in two versions: chrome (more frequent) and black. It was sold in Japan as the New FTA.

On a personal note, my first Konica camera was an Autoreflex T2 with a 57/1.4 Hexanon lens. I bought it in 1979 or so to replace my Praktica Super TL. I had the Autoreflex until 1981, when I gave it to a friend, and replaced it with an Autoreflex T3N.

Characteristic features:

a) Shutter release button with lock collar and speed dial with a double row of splines,
b) Battery tester at the bottom of the body (the Autoreflex T has the same),
c) Shutter release button with lock collar incorporating the meter switch (top view).



Autoreflex A2 (1971) is the same camera as the Autoreflex T2, but with no self-timer, no mirror pre-fire, no depth-of-field preview button, no shutter speed display in the viewfinder, no meter switch and a fastest shutter speed of 1/500s. In fact, this camera is almost identical to the Autoreflex A.

Autoreflex A1000 (1972) is the same camera as the Autoreflex A2 but with a fastest shutter speed of 1/1000s.